#giantrobot #coop #multiplayer #local #online #pc #console

Team up to play as a massive robot, controlling each of its subsystems. Up to 4 players can cooperate and pilot the same Mecha, all at the same time. Duel with other teams and defeat their robot, compete on who can wreak more havoc into the city, survive hordes of enemies or the military power trying to take you down, or simply try to get rid of the pesky media shooting only your bad deeds.

Goat'Em Up

#runner #goat #yodel #mobile

Help an infuriated mountain goat chase the terrible singer Yodel by devouring peppers to become faster and faster until you shoot him as far as goatly possible. A runner-platform game for iOS and Android with challenging maps around the globe.


#beatemup #martialarts #china #horror #mobile

A martial-horror beat’em up inspired by the chinese folklore of the mysterious creatures known as Jiang Shi. Change control between three kung-fu masters to face this challenge: Mister X trades speed for raw force, Yue Zuanshi (月鑽石) has a balanced foundation and striking counters, and Lao Jun (老俊) an inhuman speed for his age.


#pixelart #management #intergalactic #web

Explore distant planets and manage your own galactic enterprise as you grow on the business to become the most wealthy and famous of the universe. Search for never seen materials and develop exciting new technology along the way.

Lígia Jam

#pixelart #web #gamejam

An in-house short game jam project about one of the studio members adventures. Were they fact or fiction?


#arena #fight #gnomes #pc

In this arena filled with traps and dangers, gear up with non harmful weapons meant to lead your opponents to their end in the most sutile and indirect way. Push or pull them towards the traps with vacuum cleaners, invert their controls with poison grenades, or even swap places as you’re facing your own death.